Battery Safety

Our battery devices are powered using Lithium Ion batteries, which are totally safe when handled correctly – however they can become dangerous if mishandled. It is your responsibility to use and care for your batteries in a safe, responsible manner.

Carrying your batteries

When not in use, the battery should be turned off, this will prevent your device from accidentally firing and overheating.
Make sure that your device can not come into contact with other metal items in your bag or pocket, as this can, in rare cases, cause a short circuit.

Charging your device and batteries

Always use the original charger and mains adaptor that came with the device.
Avoid using the device while it is charging.
Never charge your battery overnight or when unattended.

Your Batteries

Always use original branded batteries and buy your batteries from a reputable retailer.
Never let your battery get wet.
Never use a damaged battery – even a small tear in the wrapper can be dangerous.
Appropriately dispose of damaged batteries.