Terpene Safety

Terpenes are highly concentrated, and great care must be taken when handling or using them. Dank Terpenes are only for use by people aged 18 or older. Please ensure that you follow the below guidance when using Dank Terpenes.


Avoid contact with the skin and eyes – Care must be taken when handling terpenes. Terpenes can cause skin and eye damage, therefore gloves and other PPE, such as; glasses (eye protection) and a face mask should be worn. If contact occurs; rinse the skin / eyes thoroughly using warm water. Consult a doctor or other healthcare professional if needed.

Keep away from sources of ignition – Terpenes may be flammable and ignite – do not use near any naked flames and take measures to prevent the buildup of electrostatic charge.

Avoid inhalation or ingestion of vapour or mist* – Terpenes should never be ingested PRIOR to dilution. Only use terpenes in a well ventilated area. PPE, such as a face mask – will protect from unintended inhalation*.

Thoroughly wash your hands after each time that you use Dank Terpenes

*Ingestion of the non-diluted (concentrated) terpenes can be poisonous. If you have a reaction to this product, you should stop use immediately and consult a doctor or another healthcare professional.


Dank Terpenes come highly concentrated – and therefore must be diluted before use. Depending on the intended use of terepenes, different ratios should be tested until the perfect level is reached. For Vaping products (or anything else that is to be ingested) Terpenes must be heavily diluted prior to use. We recommend using as low a mix as possible to retain the flavor and effect, however a maximum of 5% (by total volume) of terpenes should be used when making vape / e-juice. (This means: 0.1ml of terpenes in each 2ml of liquid).


To reap the full rewards of Dank Terpenes, you’ll need to take extra care to keep the flavor fresh. Terpenes should be stored upright, in their original glass container and with the lid securely tightened – to prevent unnecessary exposure to the air. They should be kept in a cool environment (below 21C / 70F) and away from any direct sunlight. Terpenes should be stored in a safe place – away from children and animals. Improper storage could cause your terpenes to degrade and loose their quality.



Our products have never been tested as food or medicine, nor are they intended to; treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. Dank Terpenes do not contain any cannabis, THC, CBD, or any other cannabinoid and are fully legal in the UK.

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