Viscosity True Terpenes


Viscosity is the only extract modifier comprised using terpenes that are all found naturally in cannabis. Viscosity allows you to gently control the flavor and flow rate of your premium distillates, oils and other extracts. The terpenes in Viscosity combine smoothly with your oil – and are formulated to minimise the impact on the starting flavor / aroma, while still maintaining potency.

FRAGRANCE: Neutral, none

EFFECT: Neutral, none

Viscosity does not contain: PG, VG, PEG, MCT, Coconut oil or Vitamin E Acetate.

*It is not recommended to use our Viscosity with CBD isolate, as it is very difficult to dissolve!

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This blend has been made using only natural terpenes – nothing else has been added. It does not contain any; PEG, PG, VG, MCT, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Acetate or any other non-terpene ingredient.

It is perfect to add to thick mixes to add a little viscosity. Helps get thick oils runny again – perfect for use if your vape cartridge is blocking up half way through use.

Our products contain NO THC or CBD, meaning they are 100% UK legal. Please ensure that you have read our Terpene Safety page – before using our terpenes.

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