510 Vape Cartridge / White – Thin Oil


Suitable for thinner oils, these white vape cartridges boast a glass tank with a polished metal housing, and are finished with a flat white ceramic tip. They are heated using an advanced ceramic coil. They have a 510 thread and an oil hole of 0.7mm – meaning they are best suited for thinner oils that flow easily. (Thick oils may not flow through the 0.7mm hole as easily as they would in our 1.6mm version). These white vape cartridges are available in either a 0.5ml or 1ml size, and pair with our Slim White Batteries perfectly.

Each cartridge comes in a clear plastic tube with a rubber stopper / cap. It also has a rubber piece to protect the thread on the bottom and a rubber stopper in the mouth piece (tip) – both must be removed before use.

These vape cartridges have been approved by us – and are ideal for filling with your own terpene infused e-liquids!

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Ceramic coil, glass tank, 510 thread, 0.5ml or 1ml capacity, 0.7mm oil hole (best suited to thin / runny oils), includes clear plastic tube with rubber top.

Please view our Terpene Mixing Guide for advice on how to fill the vape cartridges. It is not recommended that you refill these cartridges, however it is possible.

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