Syringes & Fill Needles


These B Braun Omnifix syringes are perfect for measuring, storing and transferring your terpenes, vape liquids and other essential oils. These are high quality syringes, which are manufactured in Germany. Each syringe and needle is fully sterile and comes in its own individually sealed packet.

Syringes are available in a variety of sizes, which are; 1, 2 and 5ml’s. Each syringe comes with its own; 18G blunt fill needle, complete with a protective case.

The syringes are intended to be disposed of after each use, but they can be re-used several times if care is taken.

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If you’re just starting out, one of each sized syringe is available in our terpene mixing kit.

These terpene mixing syringes are available alone, or in; 3, 5 and 10 packs.